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AS-I Board

Valvetech Ltd. has developed simple plug-in network solutions that can be easily installed into a standard “T” Series platform. On-board instructions clearly highlight the proper terminal connections as well as any protocol specific LEDs and switches.

The AS-Interface option and the LonWorks option are single board plug-in solutions and are available in both the “V” size enclosure and the “L” size enclosure. Because other available protocol options require both a plug-in board and a protocol specific module, they are available only in the larger “L” size enclosure, only.

LonWorks Board

Valvetech Ltd. network capable electric actuators provide on-board, push button CW and CCW control for manually driving the valve or damper. CW and CCW supervisory control is a significant user benefit for safe and fast set-up of the actuator. This eliminates handling live wires at set-up and reduces the chance of short circuit or incorrect wiring.

Valvetech Ltd. network capable actuators are available for 115/230VAC, only.

Available network capable electric actuators include:

AS-i networks up to 31 field devices onto a single pair of wires that delivers both signal and bus power. AS-i control schemes interface very conveniently with most popular PLCs and DCS systems.

LonWorks networks can range in size from two to 32,000 devices and trends away from proprietary control schemes and centralized systems.

Modbus networks integrate up to 32 devices on a 4-wire network. Modbus interfaces conveniently with most popular DCS/PLCs.

DeviceNet integrates up to 63 devices on a 4-wire trunk network. DeviceNet interfaces conveniently with many popular DCS/PLCs.

Foundation™ Fieldbus
Foundation Fieldbus is designed for use in the process industries. Foundation Fieldbus offers multi-drop capabilities (up to 32 devices per network), long trunk length and compatibility with intrinsically safe circuits. Foundation Fieldbus interfaces conveniently with many popular DCS/PLCs.