Satisfying a wider range of user needs than any other electric actuator, Valvetech Limited provides the highest reliability and the broadest range of options and accessories.

Functions and features that Valvetech Limited provides in electric actuators include:

  • ON/OFF
  • Modulating – Multiple Control Schemes
  • Back-up Powered
  • Jogging/Latching Operation
  • Isolated, Relay Control
  • Reverse Acting without Re-wiring
  • Split Ranging Signal Input and Output
  • Network – AS-i, LonWorks, DeviceNet™,
  • Modbus, Foundation™ Fieldbus
  • Solar Power Compatible – Remote Locations for Radio Control
  • Position Feedback / Re-Transmit
  • Override Hand Wheels
  • Timers and Speed Controls
  • Signal Loss Position Options
  • Internal Heaters and Thermostats
  • Motor Brakes
  • Manual Push Button Control
  • HVAC, for 24VAC Service
  • Simple Set-up and Calibration

Electronic Control Options

  • Modulating Control Boards – 4-20mA or 0-10VDC Input Signals
  • Network Control Boards – Control via Bus Networks
  • Analogue Position Feedback Boards – Actuator Position Feedback
  • Relay Boards – Isolating or Jogging and Latching Control
  • Cycle Rate Regulators – Speed Control Options
  • Timer Boards – Regular Open / Close Cycling
  • Three Position / Centre Off
    – 180 Degree Control for Three Position

Mechanical Options and Accessories

  • Heaters and Thermostats
  • Brakes
  • Additional Switches
  • Feedback Potentiometers
  • Hand Wheels
  • Aluminium Covers

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