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Valvetech Ltd.’s range of products is too large to list here, but the selection below demonstrates the diversity of valves, and associated accessories, that we can supply.

If you cannot see what you are looking for here, please contact us and we will try and assist.

diaphragm-valvesDiaphragm Valves – Metal

seat-valvesDiaphragm Valves – Plastic

Standard Electric Actuators

T Series

Standard electric actuators with torque output up to 3000-inch pounds (250 ft/lbs) for most weatherproof or explosion-proof industrial process applications.

L Series

Standard low-cost electric actuators with torque output up to 600-inch pounds (50 ft/lbs) for weatherproof ON/OFF applications.

Back-up Powered Electric Actuators

IBP Series

Valvetech Ltd.‘s IBP series electric actuator provides an internal battery pack.

Electric Actuator Options and Accessories

Satisfying a wider range of user needs than any other electric actuator, Valvetech Ltd. provides the highest reliability and the broadest range of options and accessories.


  • TYPES 700/701/750/751: Flowmeter Easyflow according to the variable area principle
  • TYPE 785: Flowmeter according to the variable area principle

solenoid-valvesSolenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are used mostly for clean media such as liquids or gases. For the solenoid valves we distinguish between:

  • Pilot Solenoid Valves are used for piloting pneumatic valve actuators. For this purpose media such as filtered, lubricated or oil-free compressed air and inert, gaseous fluids can be used.
  • Process Solenoid Valves are used directly in the process, e.g. as in dosing.

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Angle Seat Valves

pdf_iconCATALOGUEAngle Seat Valves

Process Automation

Measuring, control and regulation are the main components in process automation. For these applications, SED has electro-pneumatic positioners in the program.

These can be both centrally mounted on the process valve, or even mounted sideways for process valves with large stroke range, and also operated remotely if necessary.

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Control and Monitoring

Based on many years of experience of SED in using and manufacturing of components for process valves, we offer a wide range of automation technology for linear actuators.

These range from the simple optical position indicator to our electrical position indicators, which can monitor up to 3-valve positions. In essence, these solutions are based on mechanical limit switches, proximity switches or potentiometers.

Our accessories can also be assembled with simple mounting options to other valve brands.

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